Want to communicate better with your medical staff? Or is your clinic / practice looking to better communicate with customers?

Med Enews improves communication with app push alerts and reduces email issues by sending only relevant, targeted emails.

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Features Overview

Med Enews is a smart communication platform including an app with grouped push notifications (similar to SMS) and optional bulk email.

Create custom categories for news, policies, reports, reminders, surveys etc!

Send out unlimited messages to staff based on job titles, specialisations, topics etc.

Grouped Push Alerts

Push alerts or push notifications are similar to an SMS without the cost per message or 160 character limitation. Grouped push alerts allow staff to select only the groups / categories that are important to them.

Custom Categories

For ultimate flexibility, customise your account with different sections or groups. These can be any name you like based on your exact requirements.

Sender vs Staff Control

Traditional email is based around the sender having all the control. Med Enews shifts this to a 50/50 split of power allowing staff to choose how they prefer to receive news and messages.

Your Own App

A custom app just for your local health district, local hospital network or medical related organisation. Professional design and development to match your branding and philosophy.

Cloud Based

Share the responsibility of sending news and messages with multiple admin or co-workers without having to manually manage lists and share details - work from a single system in the cloud.

Automation Saves Time

In a single step you will send via app, push alert, email and update your website. Login from any mobile device to send out news and information.

Reduce Irrelevant Email

The problem with sending irrelevant email is that 1) staff have to spend their time working out whether something is relevant or not, and; 2) over time staff stop reading emails and miss the important information.

Knowledge Sharing

Instead of email ending up in silos, staff can still access all categories if they wish to do so at their leisure without this information interrupting the most important messages.

Email & Web Add-on

Med Enews is more than just an app solution. Staff receive information based on their preferred channel - perfect for young and mature staff.

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Med Enews

Med Enews App

Download the free Med Enews app which is shared among different organisations:
Med Enews iOS AppMed Enews Android AppMed Enews Windows App

Custom App

You can also order your very own custom designed app. A custom app includes custom app icon, app name and app design. The features of the custom app are the same as the Med Enews app but you may consider the custom app more professional.

Pricing & Trial

Contact us on the details below to discuss your requirements or start a conversation around your communication challenges.

We can show you case studies on how we have helped other medical related organisations.

A free trial is available and can be setup within 48 hours.

Pricing depends on the number of users. We also offer professional phone and email support bundles.

  • Clients

    Med Enews is working with a number of health related organisations to help them better communicate with doctors and staff. Med Enews is proud to be working with such professional health based organisations.

  • Professional Services

    Med Enews offers specialised communication consulting, app development and custom programming services to government and large organisations leveraging the existing Enews platform.

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Development Services

Med Enews can build a custom app based on your exact requirements.

Don't start your development from ground zero. By leveraging the Enews platform, your project can be delivered sooner, be more robust and have more features for less cost.